Recital Frequently Asked Questions

The Art of Dance Recital Frequently Asked Questions

1.When is The Costume Payment Due? Costume payments are due November 1st. The costume payment will be automatically debited with your Novembers tuition from the card we have on file. You may pay by cash, check or an alternative credit card prior to November 1st.

2.Why is The Costume Payment Due So Early? There are thousands of dance studios and only 15 major costume companies to order form. To better serve you it is our goal to have ALL costumes here to be handed out during Costume Handout Week in late March. There have been years when some costumes were not in by handout week even though they were ordered the last week in November. The costume companies do not necessarily have in-stock costumes and will not start making costumes until they have been ordered. Any costumes payed for AFTER November 1st are not guaranteed to be in before handout week or picture week.

3.What Do I Get For My Costume Fee? When you pay your costume fee you receive a costume, all accessories (headpieces, gloves, etc.) a pair of tights and it also covers any prop rental we may use for their dance. The Art of Dance measures each dancer and we hang up all costumes and put them in to a garment bag. You are responsible for the shoes needed for each particular recital dance.

4.What If I Change Classes After I Have Payed For My Costume? If you change classes after you have payed for your costume you may have to purchase another costume to reflect the new class. Once costumes are ordered we cannot refund, exchange or return them.

5.Can I Get A Refund Or Credit If I Decide Not To Do Recital And I’ve Already Payed For My Costume? Once costumes are ordered, costume fees are non-refundable and no credits are given. After recital you can pick up your child’s costume. Costumes are available for pick up until 90 days after recital and then they become the property of The Art of Dance.

6.How Do Recital Tickets Work? Tickets will be available for purchase starting at 9:00am April 1st. You can go to which is a ticket purchasing website where you can purchase the tickets directly. You can view a seating chart online and even pick which seats you want. Please call tututix directly for handicap seating (limited 2 per family). All guest must purchase a ticket in order to see the show except “lab babies” (2 & under). All dancers in 2 or less dances who would like to watch the show must purchase a ticket. There is no limit to the amount of tickets you can purchase.

7.Why Do Dancers Have To Purchase Tickets? The Art of Dance does not require dancers to watch the recital or purchase tickets. We would not have enough seats in the auditorium if all the dancers watched the show. We do offer a dressing room for the dancers to stay in during the recital with live video feed of the recital; therefore, we do no offer discounted tickets to dancers.

8.Why Do You Charge For Tickets and Is There A Recital Fee? The Art of Dance does not charge a recital fee nor do we make you purchase a minimum amount of recital tickets. Ticket sales are to cover the administrative costs of organizing and preparing dress rehearsals and our four recitals for our hundreds of students. Some of the costs that are covered are the renting of the auditorium, professional sound and lighting equipment, backdrops, props, theater staff, custodians etc.

9.Why Can’t I Video The Show Or Take Photos During The Show? For the safety of our dancers, we do not allow any flash photography at any of our shows or dress rehearsals. We want to make sure that each person in the audience has a good view of the stage and their dancers. Many of us now have fancier cameras that are noisy and is very distracting, tripods and anxious parents standing in the auditorium to take video/photos of their children disrupts the show and ruins the viewing experience for others around them. We have a photographer and videographer at each show, pictures will be available for purchase. One DVD per dancer is already included, so just sit back and enjoy the show!

10.Do I Have To Do Recital? No, recital is not mandatory, but The Art of Dance students love doing the recital so much that we have had everyone participate in the recital.