Our 2017-2018 Sensational Recital Theme

 Will be revealed on January 8th, 2018

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When are the Dress Rehearsals?

 Dress Rehearsal Wednesday, June 13

 Dress Rehearsal Thursday, June 14

Dress Rehearsals will take place at Walled Lake Northern High School prior to the recitals. Dancers are required to attend ALL dress rehearsals they are scheduled for. We try to limit our dress rehearsals; however, there is always the possibility that your dancer will have to attend more than 1. If a dancer misses a scheduled dance at dress rehearsal, they will not be permitted to perform that dance in recital. In the event of extenuating circumstances, it will be at the discretion of the studio director whether or not the child will be permitted to perform.  We try to have our dress rehearsal schedules released by the end of March.


When are the Recitals?

 Recital – White Lake – Friday, June 16 7pm

Recital – Stars & Stripes Kids Activity Center – Saturday, June 17 11am

Recital – White Lake – Saturday, June 17 6:30pm

Each dance season will be concluded with an exciting recital that includes all registered dancers. Our Annual Recitals are held the second or third weekend in June (weekday performances possible) at Walled Lake Northern High School, please keep these dates available. Due to increased enrollment we may have up to 5 recitals. We do our best to to meet our clients needs; however, we cannot guarantee siblings or friends in the same shows. All dancers are required to perform in our finale.


How Do I Order Tickets for the Recital? tututix ticket

Every guest must purchase a recital ticket expect children 2 and under may sit in a lap. No dancer will be allowed to enter the auditorium to watch the show without a cover-up and a ticket. Only dancers in 2 or less dances are permitted to watch the show. When entering and exiting the auditorium please make sure to have your ticket on you, you will need your ticket for re entry.  Tickets are non-refundable and seats may not be exchanged.

How do you buy tickets from Click Here for a video

Tickets are available for purchase at at 9:00am April 1st.

  1. Go to and select “Buy Tickets”
  2. Select your seats from the interactive seating chart
  3. Buy your tickets online, have them emailed or commemorative tickets mailed…YES, IT IS REALLY THAT EASY! 

(if your ticker order requires handicap seating you must call tututix to place your order)

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