Costumes & Tights

Costume & Tight Information 

Each dancer will receive a costume and tights per recital class. Tights  is included in your costume fee.

Preschool & Level 1 Costume Fees – $80

Level 2 & Level 3 Costume Fees – $90

Level 4/5 Costume Fees – $100

All costume fees must be paid in full by November 1st. There will be a $10 late fee per unpaid costume after November 5th.


Costume Tips:

• Don’t wash costumes

• When you receive your costume hang them (out of bag) to de-wrinkle

• If needed hang costumes in bathroom and let the steam from the hot shower de-wrinkle those tutus! (do not put it in the shower, you do not want to get them wet)

• Always have an extra pair of tights

• Place costumes in garment bags

• Carry hats in a hat box or a container to prevent damage

• Hang costume between each performance. Don’t dump your costumes on the floor, toss them in a laundry basket so they don’t get trampled or misplaced

• Write your dancer’s name in every costume piece, all tights and shoes!

• If you have lots of fast costume changes purchase a nude leotard to wear under your costumes. This will give you the ability to change quickly comfortably

• After every Dress Rehearsal and Recital double check that you have all costume pieces, tights and shoes