About Us

Our Teaching Philosophy

The Art of Dance believes that teaching children to love dance first means teaching them discipline and respect for the art as well as respect for their teachers and classmates. We believe in a fun learning atmosphere, but we also love to work hard. We will teach your child that anything they put their mind to and work for is possible. We expect our students to always do their best and strive excellence in everything they do. Our goals as teachers are not just to have beautiful dancers, but to instill in every dancer who walks in our doors, the love of dance that we have enjoyed throughout our lives.

Our Mission Statement

 “We want not only to teach children a quality dance program, but also to teach children self confidence, self worth, determination and perseverance. We want to touch the life of every child and teach them they have something unique to offer the world; if only they have the courage to dream and the determination to make their dreams come true.”